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Welcome to Joe's Computer & BBS

What is a BBS!!

For those who are not asking this question logon to the BBS and have some fun.  For those who need some clarification I have provided you with some links that will more than answer that question. 

Look at  what Wikipedia and WiseGEEK have to say on the matter.

Though the BBS has a web interface, like all BBSs, it is best viewed using the ANSI interface. Here is a free program you can use to telnet into the ANSI side of the BBS called SyncTerm. Download the Windows 32bit program by clicking on the SyncTerm link. If you use an operating system other than windows, and require the program in a different flavor, go directly to the author's website http://syncterm.bbsdev.net/ and download the program that suites your operating system.

To call the BBS use our Web Address: https://joesbbs.com
HTTP Port 80, TelNET Port 23, FTP Port 2121, NTTP Port 119

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